The dark questions before the big bang

Mysteries sing to us a charming song that touches us with the unknown, and the nature of the Universe is the deepest of all the most sought after mysteries. Where did it come from? Եւ Did it have a beginning? Եւ If it really had a beginning, will it end? Եւ If so, then how Or, instead, there is something eternal that we may never be able to comprehend, because the answer to our existence is beyond our horizon, և it’s beyond our human capacity to perceive. The visible universe is now thought to have formed about 14 billion years ago, when it is commonly referred to as the Big Bang, because everything we are, everything we can ever know, came into being in that distant time. Adding to the mystery that eighty percent of the mass of the Universe is not the atomic matter we know, but instead consists of undiscovered non-atomic particles that do not interact with light, are thus invisible. In August 2019, an astronomer at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland, proposed that this transparent non-atomic substance, which we call dark matter may have already existed before the Big Bang.
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The study, published in 2019. In the August 7 issue Physical inspection letters, presents a new theory of how dark material was born, how he’s how it can be identified with astronomical observations.

“The study found that there is a new connection between the ‘astronomy’ of particle physics. If: dark material consists of new particles born before the Big Bang, which affect the distribution of galaxies in the sky in a unique way. “This link can be used to identify them, to draw conclusions about the time before the Big Bang,” Dr. Tommy Tenkanen explained on August 8, 2019. Press release from Sons Hopkins University. Dr. Tenkanen is the author of a study by Sons Hopkins University, a graduate student in physics and astronomy.

For years, scientific cosmologists thought so dark material must be a relic of the Big Bang. Researchers have long tried to solve the mystery dark matter but so far all experimental hunts have been empty-handed.

“If: dark material were the remnants of a really big explosion, and in many cases the researchers had to see the direct signal dark material “Already in various experiments in particle physics,” added Dr. Tenkanen.

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The universe is believed to have been born about 13.8 billion years ago in the form of a super-small, succulent broth composed of densely packed particles commonly referred to as “fireballs.” Spacetime has been getting colder and colder ever since as it expands և accelerates as it expands from its original hot, bright shiny initial state. But what makes up our Universe? Has its mysterious composition changed over time? Most of our universe is “missing”, that is, it is made up of unrecognized matter called dark energy. Identity: dark energy is more mysterious than dark material. Dark energy causes the Universe to accelerate in its relentless expansion; it is often thought to be the property of the Universe.
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On the largest scale, the entire universe seems to be the same no matter where we look. Spacetime itself shows a sparkling, sparkling look. Huge heavy threads are woven around each other in a tangled web, which is called Space network. This huge, invisible structure glows with glowing hot gas և it glows with the starlight of countless galaxies stretched along transparent filaments. Web:Outlining with their brilliant stellar fires something we could not have seen otherwise. The flames of “billions of trillions of stars” ignite like drops of dew on the fire as they cling to the web of a huge, hidden spider web. Mother Nature very well hid her many secrets.

Huge, almost empty, very black cave Empties break this mysterious pattern woven with invisible twisted threads Web: Huge Empties are hosted by very few galactic inhabitants, which is why they seem empty or almost empty. Massive stellar ornament dark material threads Space network weave around these black circles, weaving what seems to us to be a twisted knot.

We cannot observe much of the Universe. Galaxies, galaxy clusters և galactic clusters are gravitationally trapped by the invisible halos consists of transparent dark material. This mysterious, invisible pattern, woven into a web-like structure, exists throughout Spacetime. They are astronomers almost is sure to be a ghost dark material It does exist in nature because of its gravitational pull on objects that can be directly observed, such as the way galaxies rotate. Although we can not see it dark material because it does not dance with light, it interacts with visible matter by gravity.

Recent measurements show that the universe is about 70% dark energy և 25% dark material“A very small percentage of the universe is made up of so-called ‘ordinary’ atomic matter, the material we know best, from which we are made. Extraordinary “ordinary” atomic matter makes up only 5% of the Universe, but this decay of space debris has nevertheless caused stars, planets, moons, birds, trees, flowers, cats, and humans. The stars prepared all the atomic elements heavier than helium in their fiery hearts, pouring out heavier, heavier atomic elements. (stellar nucleosynthesis). The oxygen you breathe, the carbon that is the basis of life on Earth, the calcium in your bones, the iron in your blood, are all the result of a nuclear fusion that took place deep inside the nucleus of the vast multitude of the universe. When the stars “died”, consuming the necessary reserves of nuclear fuel, they sent these newly forged atomic elements, singing among the stars. Atomic matter is the precious thing that has given life the opportunity to develop and evolve in space.

The universe can be more bizarre than we can imagine. Modern scientific cosmology began when Albert Einstein developed his two theories during the first decades of the 20th century. Relativity – Special (1905) և: General: (1915) – explain the universal mystery. At the time, astronomers believed that our corrugated spiral, star-shaped ky Milky Way galaxy was the entire Universe, that the Universe was “unchanging” and “eternal.” We now know that our Galaxy is just one of billions of others in the visible Universe, that the Universe is really changing over time. The Time Arrow moves in the direction of the expansion of the Universe.

At this point, when our Universe was born, in the smallest fraction of a second, it expanded to macroscopic proportions. Although no signal in space can travel faster than light in a vacuum, space itself can. The incredibly small patch that inflated our Space House started smaller than a proton. Spacetime expands և freezes when! All galaxies move farther and farther apart as the Universe expands into a space that has no center. Everything is rapidly disappearing from everything else, as Spacetime is rapidly expanding in its expansion, perhaps doomed to become a vast, scattered space of empty blackness in the very distant future. Scientists often compare our universe to a piece of bread with raisins. The dough expands, և as it does, it takes the raisins with it – the raisins gradually become more widely distributed due to the expansion of the yeast bread.

In: Visible Space: it is relatively the whole small, incredibly vast space that we are able to observe. The rest –majority its limits are much greater than we call it cosmological horizon“Light traveling from those incredibly distant realms to us originates beyond our horizons, and it has not been able to reach us since the Big Bang due to the expansion of the universe.”

The temperature of the original primitive ball was almost, but not so homogeneous. This extremely small deviation from perfect homogeneity gave rise to everything we have, we know. Before the period faster than light inflation It happened, gently the little primitive patch was quite homogeneous, smooth, it was the same in all directions. Inflation explains how the whole homogeneous, smooth package began to wave.

Small time fluctuations, or primitive ripples, at the birth of Spacetime occurred in the smallest units that could be used to measure (quantum): Theory: inflation explains how these tiny ripples in a small universe would eventually grow into large-scale structures such as galaxies, galactic clusters, and galactic superluminations.

Strange quantum The world is against common sense. It’s a shocking, frothy stage where absolutely nothing can stay perfect և where Time’s make no sense. From the beginning, the flat isotropic universe created small hills and canyons. The valleys became more and more empty, and the hills became higher and higher. heavier and heavier. This was due to the force of gravity. Gravity drew the heavier, higher hills of the original primitive universe. These “hills” eventually gravitated more and more to the material, forming a primitive broth. The less endowed plains, which did not have the same strong gravitational pull as the heavy hills, became more and more barren on this primitive broth. The mass distribution in the original universe was completely random. The result of strong gravitational effects from shocking quantum level fluctuations.

Dark questions before the big bang?

Using a simple, new mathematical framework, Dr. Tenkanen was able to show that: dark material may have occurred before the Big Bang. Instead, this invisible material was produced over a period of time Space inflation when the Universe experienced expansive expansion. Faster expansion than the speed of light has led to the proliferation of certain types of particles called scalars. Most popular: scalar: It is the particle found so far Higgs boson.

“We do not know what dark material but if it has anything to do with it scalar: particles, it may be older than the Big Bang. With the proposed mathematical scenario we should not assume new types of types և interactions dark material beyond gravity, which we already know exists, ”Dr. Tenkanen explained on August 8, 2019 Press release from Sons Hopkins University.

The idea that: dark material can be formed until the Big Bang is not new. However, theorists have not been able to make calculations that support this theory. New research by Dr. Tenkanen shows that scientists have repeatedly ignored the simplest mathematical model of origin dark material.

The new study points to a test of origin dark material. This can be done by scientists who consider signatures dark material leaves on the distribution of matter in space.

Dr. Tenkanen went on to say, “Until this type dark material is too elusive to detect particles in experiments, it may reveal its presence in astronomical observations. We will learn more about the origins soon dark material when: Euclid satellite will start in 2022. It will be very interesting to see what it will open about dark material և if its results can be used to look at the time before the Big Bang. ”